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System Calibration

Be sure your system looks and sound as best it can!


Calibration is all about getting accuracy and performance out of your system. A proporly calibrated system can make video look better, audio sound better, and even extend the life of some of your A/V purchases!


The next time you're in one of the "discount" home electronics stores, step back and take a look at the array of plasma, LCD, and projections TVs. Notice how they all look a little different? Since they're all displaying the same signal, shouldn't they all look the same?


The fact is, each manufacturer has a different idea about what "looks best," and they usually adjust their sets to show off their particular strengths--and hide their weaknesses. The pictures on the display floor may be "punchy" and bright, but the detail and resolution that gets washed out really takes away from your home theater experience. What's more, running a TV or projector at these settings can even be damaging to the display technology, wearing out the display and projection lamps long before their time.

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